Familja’s new homepage will be up and running by 1 November 2017.

Familja is the first law firm in Finland that focuses primarily on international private persons –  those who marry, reside and have connections in different countries around the world.  I give advice on Finnish law in these situations, but as an international law counsel I will also provide advice on what laws will or can be applied, who has jurisdiction and evaluate the practical impact of laws and regulations. When needed I will co-operate with local counsels when for example setting up “mirror agreements” whereby the said agreement is drafted in accordance with the laws of more than one jurisdiction. Mirror agreements are a part of cross-border estate planning. By planning and drafting the right set of documents you can ensure that a particular law will apply on your estate or that your prenuptial agreement is in fact enforceable. The need for planning is rapidly growing due to the free movement of persons and trends such as spending the winter season in a warmer climate.