European Certificate of Succession

And the day has finally arrived when I get to order a European Certificate of Succession in one of my cases. I have been waiting for this since 17 August 2015 when the European Inheritance regulation started to apply. I am assisting heirs resident in Finland to claim property that belongs to the estate located in Luxembourg.

A European Certificate of Succession can be used by heirs, executors of wills and administrators of estates in order to prove their position and authority in another Member State will be enacted by a regulation. This will facilitate the management of matters of succession in situations where the deceased owns property in several Member States.

In this particular case a European Certificate of Succession is granted by the Local Register Office of Uusimaa in Finland (Maistraatti/Magistraten) Local Register Office of Uusimaa. Finland has jurisdiction since the deceased was resident in Finland at the time of death and had made no will stipulating otherwise.

The European Certificate of Succession is drafted using a form approved by the European Commission.  The form is easily translated into any official language of the EU.

Can’t wait!



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